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"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."

(Roger Caras)

AshleyAnne, a Mixed Breed
(02/14/97 - 05/23/09)

Ashley, a mixed breed at 8 months of age

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Ashley's beginnings are a mystery. She first turned up as a 3 month old puppy, thrown over a fence into a stranger's backyard. The stranger happened to be a friend of my son's and when no one else wanted her, my son brought her home.

In no time at all Ashley fit right in. It was hard to imagine ever being without her. Affectionate and demonstrative, her sweet and gentle nature made us immediate converts. With courage and determination she gained a spot on the couch and another under the desk. As an adult she is now the official puppy-raiser of the pack, treating the little ones that find their way to our home with endless patience and enthusiasm.

Ashley was one of the lucky ones. Literally thrown away when she was no longer wanted, she found a loving home and now has three best friends - an Australian Shepherd mix, a Greyhound and a 17 pound Sheltie.

Update - 2009: A cough and a tiny blood clot on the carpet. A race to the vet, x-rays and then the dreaded words: "terminal cancer, nothing to be done, 2 to 4 weeks." Ten days later I held her in my arms as we released her from her bonds. We miss you doll-baby. May you run with joy over the bridge, Ash, until we meet again.

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