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Katie, an English Shepherd

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Katie, an English Shepherd

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When asked to describe Katie, the words intelligent, independent and intense come to mind. She is a dog of great ability and great versatility. After passing her canine good citizen test she completed training in tracking and advanced obedience, but agility has proved to be her passion. She exhibits unparalleled devotion and is an absolute delight. At one time considered untrainable, she was the challenge of a lifetime.

On July 25, 1998 at six years of age, Katie was diagosed with multicentric malignant lymphoma. Prognosis was 4 to 8 weeks without aggressive treatment. We opted for the aggressive protocol which she tolerated well. In October 1998 her oncologist pronounced her in full remission. Since that summer of 1998, Katie has relapsed a number of times. Each time, because of her extraordinary tolerance of chemotherapy and because of the excellent quality of her life the last 3+ years, we have continued to treat. In each instance, she has responded well and is enjoying life to the full.

Although retired from agility competition in October 2001 after earning more than 30 individual agility titles, Katie continues to actively train in the sport she loves. In November of 2001, Katie relapsed once again. We are continuing to treat her with various chemotherapy protocols, but realize that this may be the beginning of the end. Agility has always been Katie's passion and with the concurrence of her oncologist we are allowing her to "play on the toys" as long as she desires.

Update: In January, 2002 Katie lost her battle with lymphoma. Although her body eventually gave out on her, her spirit was ready for anything right up until the end. I'll never forget the look on her face as she laid in our front hallway while we waited for the vet to come ease her passage to the other side. Head held high, eyes snapping with that indomitable will, she watched my every move as if to say, "I'm ready to go anywhere as long as you are with me". Minutes later as I laid on the floor by her side, she left without me. I miss her terribly.

Carson City

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Katie in 1998 at the Carson City, NV NADAC trial with her
ribbons earned 3 days after her first chemotherapy treatment.

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