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"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."

(Roger Caras)

Midnite, a Greyhound

D'Amico's Midnite Hour, CGC

Midnite, a Greyhound - devotion

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Adopted through Greyhound Friends for Life when he was 9 months old (see adoption notes), Midnite joined our family 5 days after we adopted his littermate, Toby. A sweet and gentle soul, Midnite's eyes touched my heart the first time I saw him. It must have been fate that led to his planned adoption falling through so he could join his brother in our home.

In total opposition to the self confident, enthusiastic Toby, Midnite was shy, reserved and frightened when he first came to live with us. Numerous obedience and agility classes later you would hardly recognize him. Midnite no longer trembles the entire time he is away from home and now greets strangers with a wagging tail. And agility obstacles are no longer frightening forms, but a playground of delight.

After more than a year however, Midnite still suffered from severe separation anxiety. In desperation I consulted with a behavior modification specialist (licensed veterinarian) and after a battery of tests and several interviews, Midnite was on the road to recovery. For more information on separation anxiety, click here.

Update - 2003: At 8 years of age, although full of energy and graceful as a Gazelle, Midnite now sports a white mask on his face. But his eyes are still as touching and his temperament is still as sweet as it was at the beginning of our journey together.

Update - 2004: A small cut. That was all it was. A small cut on his ankle but one that required stitches. He never came home. While under the anesthetic he had an allergic reaction and 48 hours later his heart stopped. We thought for a while that he was going to make it and his future looked rosy. But fate intervened and I lost the sweet and gentle soul who touched my heart so many years ago.

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