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"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole."

(Roger Caras)

Will, a Whippet

Hildidan's Where There's A Will, CL1-F

Will, a Whippet at 8 weeks of age

© 2005-2010 Donna D'Amico

After losing Midnite to a freak occurrence, I found my life seemed a little empty without a second sight hound. So, almost 2 years after my beloved boy's death I added a little white Whippet to the family.

Will comes from several generations of agility lines. He's very "soft" temperamentally and somewhat "cat like". Even at only 8 weeks one can see that he will have great speed and he has incredible balance. A bit tentative the first week home, his confidence seems to grow by the hour and he loves to race around the acreage, chasing me when I run and playing tug when I offer a toy. A bit overwhelmed by the sight of tunnels the first week home, by the second week when I lost sight of him for a moment I found him playing inside them, racing from one end to the other. Hopefully a rather auspicious start to an agility career.

Will, a Whippet
© 2007-2010 Dave Mills

Will, a Whippet
© 2007-2010 Dave Mills

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